About Us

My design journey began in 1995 with WebTV! As a self-taught designer, I created websites entirely from HTML and CSS for coding. I distributed my designs by selling burned CDs to my clientele. Eventually, I was convinced that this “hobby” will soon fade and will no longer be in demand. I pursued a college education in accounting, embarking on a new career path. I’ve enjoyed the challenges accounting has offered me through my 20 years of experience contributing significantly to my professional growth. Over the past five years, I have transitioned to a home-based role in medical billing. I’ve reached a stage where my work seems to revolve solely around solving problems, which has diminished my enjoyment of it. So, I’ve started looking back into designing. Times have changed! I get to help create great products with my digital designs and I love it! I hope you get to enjoy it too! 

A little bit about Me